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Writing on a Notebook



Congratulations! You’ve finished the first draft, or possibly multiple drafts, of your story. This is a HUGE achievement!


But what's next?

Is the story good enough for publication? A manuscript assessment will provide you with a high-level analysis focusing on the strengths in your story as well as the areas where the storyline could be more compelling. 


The assessment is provided in the form of a written report and covers all of the essential elements of your writing, including:

  • Structure. How does the story advance? How are the characters introduced and developed? Is the pacing effective?

  • Story. Is the story goal clear? Is the voice or perspective clear or strong? Does it earn each plot development? Are the stakes high enough?

  • Mechanics. How effective are your word choices? Are there reoccurring errors?

  • Genre. For genre fiction, does the manuscript follow the accepted conventions?

Mark ups on the manuscript will also be provided to ensure you have clear direction of where problems exist and how you could go about fixing them.

Please note, I generally work within the genres of Women's Fiction, Domestic Drama and Romance. I am happy to discuss your requirements if you are writing in a different genre, but we may decide I am not the best fit for your work.


To discuss rates and your specific manuscript, please get in touch.

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