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I can't wait to work with you!

There's nothing more exciting than delving into a new world created by an author! I love the journey both writing and editing have taken me on and hope to share my enthusiasm and experience with you. In addition to my editing background, you may be interested in looking at the types of books I've written and published. Click on the author website button to check out my recent releases.

About Louise


Having published over thirty fiction titles (a mixture of experience with traditional publishing houses and self-publishing), Louise has extensive experience working with editors worldwide. In addition, Louise has provided beta reading and manuscript assessment services on over 100 manuscripts during the past ten years and has now decided to expand her manuscript assessment service to offering developmental editing.

Qualifications & Experience

Alongside her writing experience, Louise has completed developmental editing courses with The Editorial Freelancers Association in New York and Liminal Pages in London.

Louise has predominately worked with clients in the women's fiction and romance genres. See testimonials for more information.



Louise enjoys memberships with The Editorial Freelancer's Association & The Institute of Professional Editors Limited.

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